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Farm Bill Hackathon Winners & Results

December 15, 2011
by Admin

Last week was the Food+ Tech Connect Farm Bill Hackathon, sponsored by the Grace Foundation, Oxfam America and Glynwood Institute.  Dozens of hacker/designers and policy folks came together in person and virtually for one day to craft various infographics around the farm bill and other issues in our food system.

Four winners emerged from the day with graphics and apps that can now be used to teach about the Farm Bill and related concerns:

  • First prize: Farm Bill of Health, a series of clean, simple visualizations about the difference in support for fruit and vegetable crops versus commodities in the bill, based on data from Environmental Working Group.
  • Second prize: a tool to promote Meatless Mondays by allowing people to find, share and submit recipes, places and feedback about their participation.
  • Third prize: work in progress looking at the international implications of the Farm Bill and the idea that crop subsidies in the U.S. drive further hunger and poverty in foreign nations.
  • Fourth prize: ongoing work mapping the Congressional Districts of the Agricultural Committee members.

Cotton vs Carrots is Food + Tech Connect’s “infographic of the week”.  The graphic compares the money given in subsidies to eight cotton farms in California to that spent on the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program supplying snacks to elementary schools in the state.  By shifting those cotton subsidies from cotton to fruit, 320 additional low-income schools could be served.

Read the post on Food + Tech Connect’s site.

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