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“What’s On Your Plate” – University of Vermont Unveils 11-Minute Video on the Complexities of the Food System

July 3, 2012
by Admin

Last week was the University of Vermont (UVM) Food Systems Summit, where UVM combined their Breakthrough Leaders Program, Food Solutions New England, and a public conference called The Necessary [r]Evolution in Sustainable Food Systems.  Jam-packed.  It was great to see the contrast of the emerging (mostly young) leaders in food systems with the more seasoned stakeholders in Food Solutions New England, who are actually also new and emerging in creating a cohesive coalition across state borders.  A lot of work to be done!

At the public conference, the UVM team premiered their fabulous 11-minute video, What’s On Your Plate, summarizing the complexities in our  food system and how Vermont views their place in the movement.  I think they did a great job trying to capture just how wicked this crazy industry is.  Check it out.

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