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Education & Learning Systems: the holy grail to save the world?

August 29, 2013
by Melanie Cheng

knowledgeispowerI’m going to go on a limb and say that Education and Learning Systems – reform, methodologies, and  application to all sectors – are going to be at least partially the holy grail for saving this f’d up world (does that sound negative?).

When the world’s systemic problems are so complex and solutions are even more elusive, it’ll depend on much more effectively sharing knowledge among those working in each sector to devise high-impact strategies, and designing new education platforms and methods to disseminate this valuable information to those who need it: the media, those with capital, and, ultimately, the commons.

Until then, I think all of this change-making will keep going a bit slowwwwwww.   Through intelligent dissemination of knowledge, we can empower the 99% and accelerate progress!  I hope that someday Catalyst Commons can expand and grow to help in that regard.

Who else is working on new learning systems for this purpose?   I would love to learn more.

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