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Links: Commercial Rent Control, Residential High-Rises, Black Gentrifier, Warning Maps, Saving Art & Serving Residents

August 27, 2015
by Admin

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There are so many articles about gentrification lately, here are a few summaries with links:

  • Hypergentrification & the Disappearance of Local Business –
    A need to reinstate commercial rent control that went away in 1963.
  • How Miami Fought Gentrification and Won (for Now) –
    Allowing developers to build high-rises downtown means long-time residents in older buildings don’t get displaced.
  • I’m a Black Gentrifier in Harlem – and it’s not a good feeling – The Guardian
    An African-American “transplant” in Harlem shares how she invisibilizes the displacement of the local community.
  • New Map Tool Can Serve As Gentrification Warning System – Next City
    Researchers use data from the U.S. Census, American Community Survey and others to visualize changes over time, revealing factors like employment density, percentage of renter households, non-white population and change in college-educated adult population.  Neighborhoods that have easy access to rail transit, pre-1950s housing stock and rising housing prices are especially at risk of losing low-income households. And it’s not just low-income communities that are at risk: Higher-income areas with low-income households in the mix are rapidly losing that population.
  • Gentrification in Overdrive on 14th Street (Washington DC) – Washington Post
    Excitement about economic growth and hot new restaurant and bar scene, but what about art galleries and businesses that serve the residents.
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