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The Catalyst Commons blog is a place where a few of us folks who live in Marin County are capturing our process to integrate some of the best practices of the Main Streets ApproachMain Streets towns, and other place-based strategies here in Fairfax, CA.  We value the local diversity, small businesses, funky culture, historic architecture, and open space in our small town, and want to make sure it not only stays intact, but is revitalized and amplified to its best potential.  We hope you can take our ideas and trial-and-error stories to protect and promote your own awesome town, neighborhood, or area.  Let us know what’s working, or not, and we can share it here.

Catalyst Commons background: Catalyst Commons was started in 2010 as an initiative to facilitate food system reform.  It was intended to be a collaborative community for food system reform, and our demo site is actually still up.  Now, the initial mission of community and economic development still exists, but its intended audience is now everyday people in every day towns…starting with our town!

If you have feedback or ideas of any kind, we’d love to hear from you…
~ Melanie & Megan
Phone: 415.484.0036

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